center for learning and teaching

The centre for learning is committed to providing educational opportunities for our diverse student body, in particular those from rural and regional communities. We aim to deliver inspirational teaching, innovative research and high quality and dynamic learning experiences to equip our students to be tomorrow's leaders, to live a life they value and be effective global citizens.

CLT aims to support faculty in developing their teaching skills and implementing educational technologies through Academic Practice (Support for teaching staff), Academic Skills (Support for students), and assisting them to create Digital Resources. It also offers, through its Learning Initiatives, opportunities for curricular experimentation and pedagogic innovation as also platforms for integrating learner-centric technological solutions in higher education.

center for creativity

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice is a unique collaboration between leading researchers and academics from all of City, combining research and education from Engineering and more. The staff involved in the Centre continue to work and do research within their individual courses, while also contributing to the Centre's activities. The Centre is undertaken interdisciplinary research, teaching and knowledge transfer in creativity and innovation. Its growing focus on enterprise and on leadership in creativity and innovation make SNS a natural new host. The Centre also investigates the phenomenon of creativity and how to lead and support it in professional practice. We treat creative leadership and problem solving as critical skills that can be learned and supported with the cutting-edge frameworks, processes techniques and digital tools that are developed by the Centre and underpinned by interdisciplinary theories and models.

skill and career development

Skill and Career Development at SNS offers insightful Skills Development Programs to groom students to be corporate ready. The department achieves its employability enhancement objectives by conducting Intensive Process Oriented classroom training & by organizing club of Excellence events related to both Soft and Hard Skills. These classes and events are managed by a well-groomed team from Academic world. Students will get an opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive workshops, training sessions etc that help them to recognize, develop and articulate their employability skills for future success.

industry institute partnership cell

INDUSTRY INSTITUTE PARTNERSHIP CELL (IIPC) provides a focal point for better interaction between the academia and industry for enhancing relationship between the institute and industries, thereby increasing the opportunities for the students for internships, live projects and to acquaint the students beforehand with the demands of the corporate atmosphere. This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. Establishing such IIPC's in institution makes an effective contribution to educational system rather than criticizing shortcomings which are expected by the industry. Industry Institute partnerships reflects in equipping faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing technologies. The primary focus of IIPC is to interact with elite industries in and around Coimbatore, and extend the efforts in establishing partnership with industries across the country in near future.

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social responsibility initiative

Social Responsibility Initiatives (SRI) is one of the mainstays of SNS institutions believe that our role involves something more than simply imparting of knowledge and skills to the students. As an active agent of social change, SNS takes on voluntary actions in the creation of a culture of social responsibility in society through a myriad of activities that address both our own competitive interests & welfare of the society. Some of the activities are the benchmark of SNS SRI such as SANTA 365, Neighborhood school program, Senior citizen welfare, A smart kid program etc.

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